Consumer units which sometimes can be referred to as fuseboards or even fuseboxes are the main point from which electricity is distributed around your property. All cables that run throughout your home are controlled from here. Each cable is connected via a fuse or MCB (miniature circuit breaker) which is a protective device that detects when a circuit is under fault. Depending on how up-to-date your consumer unit is, your fuse or MCB will blow/trip causing this circuit to disconnect from electricity keeping you safe from electric shocks. Having an up-to-date consumer unit is essential and can help prevent serious injury or loss of life. This is where 365 Trade Group come in - we'll check your consumer unit (fuseboard/fusebox) to ensure it is safe.

Does my fuseboard need upgrading?

Does your consumer unit have an RCD? This may be one of the easiest ways to determine whether your consumer unit is in need of an upgrade. In accordance to the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations all circuits must now be connected via an RCD. If your fuseboard has fuses of the rewireable type it is definitely time to make a change as this could be affecting your safety. Contact our fuseboard rewiring team if you're not sure.

Other signs you may need a fuseboard upgrade include

  • Push-in fuses
  • Cast iron boxes or fuseboards
  • Wooden backed fuseboards 
  • Ceramics fuse holders 

How to check if your fuseboard has an RCD

Here's how to check if your fuseboard has an RCD. You are looking for a button that has 'T' or 'TEST' written on it. This will be located on your consumer unit or next to it, if you cannot find this you are most likely not protected.


Residual current device or RCD as it is commonly known, is a very clever device that can protect you from getting a fatal electric shock, it can detect when an appliance or circuit is at risk to you. RCD's are different to other fuses in that they give you a higher level of personal protection disconnecting from electricity in milliseconds.

Safety first 

Safety is the main priority. Last year alone 15,432 fires were caused from electrical origin resulting in 1,380 fatalities or injuries. Not all of these can be stopped but the majority can be prevented.

Request a consumer unit check

So if any of the above relates to your home or office and you would like a quotation or just some advice on whether you need to replace or upgrade your current consumer unit please contact 365 Trade Group by filling in the form below or calling 0800 788 0629

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