Fuseboard Rewiring

Make your home electrics safer and more modern with a newly rewired fuseboard from 365 Trade Group

The importance of a modern fuseboard

Fuseboards are at the heart of any home. Whether it’s putting the lights on, connecting to the internet or cooking the Sunday roast (or ready meal), the fuseboard is critical to making sure that the necessary electricity is provided safely to your home.

Over the years, modern living has changed, and there have been a growing number of devices we use in our homes. While LED lights have reduced the power we use, gadgets such as mobile phones, smart TVs and ‘always on’ WiFi have increased power requirements considerably. And the increasing need to work from home has only added to the pressures on home electrical systems. Simply put, the role of the fuse board today is to ensure that the electrical system has the capacity that you need for your home - and that it’s safe.

How to replace a fuseboard

If you are experiencing any issues such as the trip switch regularly tripping then it might be time for a house rewire. Or, by asking one of our electricians in Surbiton, you may just need some electrical fault finding or have just your fuseboard tested to ascertain if it’s best to rewire or replace it rather than having a compete house rewire. Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues but have an old fusebox, then it might be time to call us so that we can replace or rewire it. At the very least we can carry out electrical fault finding for your peace of mind

Replace or rewire a fuseboard

While it might be possible to just rewire your fuseboard, it might be safer to replace it completely. Some older styles, for example, only provide a trip switch for half of the fuses or are designed in a plastic housing which is no longer legally allowed for new installations. Modern fuseboards are now metal for added fire protection.

With the growth in gadgets around the home, your electrical wiring and fuseboard might also not be up to the right capacity. Modern plug sockets now come with USB charging sockets so that you can charge phones and tablets while not taking up valuable sockets that are needed for other things. This sounds ideal, but it does increase power consumption during busy times.

Making home improvements? Get in touch.

If you are having a new conservatory built, extension or simply a new room decorated, now is a good time to review your electrics and possibly replace your fuseboard by a qualified electrician.

Some appliances such as power showers require much more power than your current system might be designed for, while extensions and conservatories might also increase your power load with added lighting and other features that you add.

You might also need to replace the fuseboard if you are having an electric charging point installed for your electric or Hybrid car.

Should I test my fuseboard?

Yes, you should! It’s important to test your fuseboard regularly. To find out more, or to get help reviewing your house electrics, get in touch today with 365 Trade Group. We will provide you with all the support you need to ensure your fuseboard is functioning properly.

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At 365 Trade Group, we have many years of experience installing and replacing fuseboards so that our customers have peace of mind in the home. We provide an electrical review to see how your home is set up to cope with your needs. We can also show you how to test your fuseboard regularly. To find out more, get in touch today.

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