Top tips for planning a Rako lighting system

Rako lighting systems offers the latest in smart lighting technology for your home or office. The many components available from Rako means that you can have more control over the inside and outside lighting of your property. Here are some top tips to consider when planning out your Rako lighting system:

Plan for security, safety and ambience

The main aim of lighting is to be able to see what you are doing and where you are going, but lighting has become more than that.

Having light sensors so that lights come on when people approach the front door, for example, can be a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in. It’s also a way to improve safety and eliminate the risk of tripping up in the dark. If you are away for the night, then you might want to leave some lights on and to be able to control them remotely.

With security in mind, think about which lights you would like to be visible from the outside of your property when you are away, and would you like to be able to control them remotely so that if you forget to put them on (or you want to switch them off), then you can.

The ambience of certain rooms is also an important factor to consider. This will impact which types of lights you use, where you put them and how you want to control them.


With the correct setup, here are some examples you might want to consider:

  • Dimming your lounge with background lighting during the evenings. Possibly with a different colour that is more relaxing, and helps you get ready for a good nights sleep
  • Creating a book reading area with only that area of the room lit up - and with a clear bright white LED to make reading easier and more comfortable
  • The ability to turn off some (as well as all) of the lights in a hallway or the kitchen to create a warmer setting - and of course, while making it still very safe to use and see where you are going
  • Outdoor lighting that focuses on parts of the house or garden that adds style to your surroundings.


These are just a few examples but there are many more ways to plan a Rako lighting system, so please do get in touch with our Rako installers here at 365 Trade Group, and we can work with you to illuminate the areas you need, when you need them.

Consider ‘blackspots’ when connecting the Rako lighting system

Rako lighting works best when you can control the entire system together, including via the Rako mobile app. To do this, the lighting system needs to be connected together so that it will work seamlessly.

If you have issues with WiFi in certain rooms, then the chances are that you might need a Rako repeater to extend the range of your connection to lighting in those rooms. You might also be looking at connecting up lighting that’s in your garage or garden (including garden sheds, garden rooms and garden offices). Wireless connections tend to be weaker in these areas.

Consider what you want to control WITHOUT an app

We all love apps and how useful they can be, but sometimes you just want to turn off a series of lights with a flick of a switch. We are sure you know the feeling - trying to find the phone, unlock it, find the app and then turn the lights off - when you are stood next to the switch on the wall!

As well as being able to control your lighting from anywhere in the world through the app, Rako lighting also offers wireless and wired switches that can allow you to turn on and off a number of lights in one go. From your hallway or lounge you can instantly turn off all of the lights upstairs or from your bedroom, you can quickly turn off all the lights downstairs before you go to sleep. There are many options you can choose; the challenge is deciding how you want your system to work!

Make your lighting system scalable

In the future, you might want to add lighting. This could be for a number of reasons such as having a conservatory built.  Rako lighting allows you to extend the system easily but it’s still worth bearing any future plans in mind when mapping out where you would like lighting, controllers and wireless repeaters to be positioned.

Seek professional advice

There’s a lot to consider when redesigning your lighting system or improving your current home lighting, but it is worth putting in the effort. So, if you haven't considered automated lighting or wireless lighting before, then here are just some of the benefits of wireless smart lighting.

Rako lighting installersWe recommend getting in touch with our professional Rako lighting installers who understand the different challenges and powerful features available. If you would like help with creating a great looking, safe and secure lighting system for your home, then do get in touch. 365 Trade Group are fully trained and approved partners of Rako lighting systems so please feel free to call us to have a chat about your lighting design needs - we look forward to hearing from you.


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