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Improve your standard of living and relax more with Control 4 solutions from 365 Trade Group

Sometimes life can be overly complicated with so much to do and the modern world constantly adding more things to our ‘to do’ list. Fortunately, adding Control 4 design to your home can make home living much simpler and enjoyable.


When set up properly using a Control 4 electrician, you will be able to quickly and easily control a growing number of elements in your home, from the lighting to the front door, TV, CCTV cameras, window blinds and more - all thanks to the latest in smart home automation. If you need a house rewire, then this is an ideal time to have Control 4 solutions included by your electrician.
Qualified Control 4 electricians such as 365 Trade Group can advise you on the best layout and gadgets for your home, based on your individual circumstances.
We can also program devices to work based on ‘if this then’ rules, such as switching outside lights on or off at specific times.


Home automation

A typical home automation system using Control 4 design would include a range of solutions from the following:

Smart home OS

Smart Home OS allows you to set up the various parts of home automation on a simple to use dashboard on your laptop, phone or tablet. You can then control what you want with just a few taps! Control 4 installers can help set up your dashboard and add elements such as the porch door lighting, Netflix TV and your central heating.

Control 4 universal remote

Alternatively, control everything from the Control 4 Universal Remote which is stylish, easy to use and the ultimate solution when it comes to smart remotes for home automation.


“We control all of our televisions and sound system either from our phones or the handheld remotes, no matter where we are in the house. It is heaven. It has made our hectic lives that much easier.”

Susan G. - Control 4 Homeowner (Source: Control4 website)


Intercom Anywhere

Not in the mood for tapping or clicking on your phone or a remote? No problem! With the Control 4 Intercom Anywhere solution, you can control what you want, when you want, without lifting a finger - using any Google or Amazon home assistant.

Smart home control using your voice is a much easier solution when you have your hands full or your phone is on charge. Be heard and be in charge of your home automation with the power of voice!

Audio, Home Theatre and Lighting

As well as setting up your dashboard and voice control, a Control 4 electrician such as 365 Trade Group can also ensure your home is set up with the right equipment.

Whether that’s surround sound in every room, a home theatre system or lighting that’s set up into groups allowing you to have ambient lighting in the evening in the lounge or brighter clearer lighting in the kitchen area for cooking.



If you have any questions about what can be controlled using control 4 home automation, then get in touch with us today.


Smart home automation and control possible scenarios

Here are just a few examples of how Control 4 design can be used in your home to set up smart home control.

  • Turn on outside lights before you arrive home when it’s dark
  • Control your audio system when hosting people at your home at the weekends
  • Turn off all of the upstairs lights with a single switch installed in the lounge
  • Program your blinds to close in the evenings to keep the heat in


Ready for the best smart home control?

365 Trade Group is one of a very small group of professional, qualified Control 4 installers and electricians in Surbiton. If you are looking to modernise your home with the latest home automation, then get in touch with our electricians for free advice on how we can help.


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