The benefits of using a CEDIA member

At 365 Trade Group, we are proud to have become members of CEDIA, a network that focuses on smart home technology. For us, this is something we are delighted to be a part of, but what does that mean for you?

In this article, we explain what CEDIA is, and how using 365 Trade Group as a CEDIA approved member for your next smart home installation can benefit you.

An overview of CEDIA

CEDIA is a global trade association that focuses on smart home technology. CEDIA stands for Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association and is the international trade association representing the professional home automation/smart home technology industry.

It brings together industry professionals who are involved in various advanced technologies that can benefit the homeowner. Businesses that are members of CEDIA include custom electronics design manufacturers, integrators, installers and anyone providing training when it comes to setting up or using smart home technologies.

What are smart home technologies?

Smart home technologies include the ability to remotely control and manage parts of a home in smart ways such as via a phone app, or by talking to a home device such as Alexa from Amazon. Today, there are various devices that can be controlled in a home such as CCTV, lighting, central heating, hot water and audio and visual products such as speaker systems and TVs. Many of these devices can also have their functions automated in a smart way.

At 365 Trade Group, as well as being CEDIA members in Surrey, we are also accredited and trained to provide installation of Rako Lighting. Find out more about Rako smart lighting.

Why use a CEDIA member for installing smart home technology?

CEDIA members represent the world's finest custom electronic design and installation companies which is what your home deserves. Our members span the globe. But what binds them together is a unique thirst for knowledge.

We absolutely love this quote from the CEDIA website! At 365 Trade Group, we decided to become a member of CEDIA because of our focus and drive on providing the best smart home technologies. We are passionate about what we do, and we are always looking to understand what the best solutions are for our customers.

Over the years, we have done many installations and have researched different products to understand which ones are the best.

Looking for smart home solutions?

If you are looking for a smart home solution, you might contact a business that is not a CEDIA member who might then quickly try to find solutions for you without understanding how they integrate, or if they are suitable for your requirements. A CEDIA member is better equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide you with what you really want, first time. Why should you work with a CEDIA member?

Benefits of using a CEDIA member also include:

  • Comprehensive support of the full system and solutions available
  • The latest electronics technologies and products that you might not be aware of
  • Professional, trained support for your smart-home products
  • Ability to customise your smart-home solutions based on our expert knowledge

The solutions your home deserves

If an installer is a member of CEDIA, then you know that they take smart home and automation technology seriously. As a small, friendly business, we take these technologies very seriously and we could not be prouder by having the CEDIA logo on our website and in our marketing materials to highlight that we are a member of CEDIA.

To find out more about our smart home technologies, get in touch with our smart home electronics installers. We would love to understand more about what you need and see if we can help.

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