House rewires

Does my house need rewiring?

Asking 'Do I need to rewire my house?' is a very good question. If your home has not been rewired within the last 25-30 years it may need some attention. The demand of modern living has changed the amount of appliances and electrical goods we now use and are therefore significantly higher than they used to be. This increased usage of electrical items can put a strain on your current electrical wiring system. If you have round light switches or sockets installed on skirting boards this can be a clear sign that a rewire is required.  

How is house rewiring carried out?

A full electrical rewire means that every electrical cable throughout your home will need to be replaced. This is not a simple job and can be quite messy. 

What are the stages of rewiring?

Electrical rewiring is carried out in two stages.

The first is called 'first fix' which involves accessing floor boards, lofts and basements - making routes for the cables to run, also walls will need be chased where cables need to be concealed in the building. This means that in most rooms your decoration will be affected.

The second stage is called 'second fix'. This is when all sockets, light switches and light fittings will be installed and electric will become 'live'. Ask about our turnkey wiring packages for a turnkey project that can include re-plastering, decorating, carpentry and carpeting.

How long does a house rewire take?

As a guideline, to rewire a standard 3 bedroom property should take between 7-10 days. If the house is unoccupied this timescale could be cut down considerably. As all jobs are different, an exact timescale will be given to you in your quotation.

Whats included in a rewire?

Each job includes a consumer unit (see fuseboards for more information), light fittings and sockets but as everybody's requirements are different, each job will be designed by 365 Trade Group with you so you get you exactly what you want. 365 Trade Group can guide you in the right direction by supplying samples, catalogues and advice or if you'd like to leave the decisions up to us you can - the choice is yours.

Future proofing

It may be an idea to think about future proofing when designing your rewire. As a society we are getting more involved in technology every day, getting the right cables installed for things you may have in the future is a massive prevention from having to make further damage in your home. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Making sure you have installed enough sockets that if you move your room around you still have them available
  • Do you require an IT system (hardwired ethernet cables to certain rooms to ensure uninterrupted internet connection)
  • TV and Satellite systems from basic Freeview to Sky or Virgin cables
  • Do you require any speakers either as part of surround sound or independant listening (Sonos or similar systems) 
  • Mood lighting
  • Security systems 
  • Garden lighting
  • Out houses / Garages

What do I need to do before rewiring starts?

Before a property rewire starts, there are a few things to consider as the process is going to be a messy one. Moving out if possible is by far the best option, in this case the rewire can usually be completed within a week and is preferred by most. If this is not a option for you then on request we are able to set you up in a habitable room with temporary electrics if this would make things easier. If not, please be understanding that 365 Trade Group will do our best to keep disruption and dust down to a minimum although this could make the job take a little longer. On our start day 365 Trade Group will use dust sheets and films to cover furniture and other items around your home but before we arrive if you could cover all furniture, this will dramatically reduce the chance of dust affecting your personal belongings. We strongly recommend any items of particular value be removed to a safe place before work commences.   

Completion and testing

After all rewiring works are complete 365 Trade Group will fully test and inspect your installation, making sure that all required parameters from the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations have been met. During this time all results will be recorded and once final payment is received a certificate will be issued.

Starting your house rewire

To book your house rewire, please contact our house rewiring electricians in Surbiton, Surrey on 0800 788 0629 and we will be in touch asap.

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