Rako Wireless Lighting Systems

How smart is your lighting?

Whether it’s a cloudy day or simply the winter months, it’s easy to find yourself in the dark in Britain, so having the right lighting for you and your environment is important. Smart lighting allows you to increase your standard of living and well-being with features such as having lights come on at a certain time or the ability to turn lights on or off remotely - wherever you are in the world.

At 365 Trade Group, we are official installers of Rako wireless and wired lighting products and systems having partnered with Rako to offer our customers the best level of smart home lighting, and with some incredibly practical features.

Wireless and wonderful

At 365 Trade Group, we can install Rako smart lighting systems for your home with the following features:

  • Set the colour and brightness of your lights remotely
  • Turn your lights on or off remotely
  • Access and control lights from a tablet, app or even a smartwatch!
  • Group lights together to turn them on or off simultaneously
  • Create the ambience you want from the comfort of your sofa
  • Easy install wireless switches to control lighting while at home


Rako lighting installersRako smart lighting includes a range of extras to control your lighting including Google Play and App store apps and wireless control buttons so that you can control lighting from a different room.

Guaranteed wireless coverage throughout the home

As well as a powerful wireless hub to control lighting and to take advantage of cloud-based services, Rako also offers wireless extenders to ensure that lights can be controlled fully throughout the home, including the garage, conservatory or any extensions.

Using sensors for safer entry

Rako products also allow you to control lighting with sensors so that you are never left in the dark when approaching a front door. The RAMVR module is wireless and integrates into third-party sensors that when set up, will turn on RAKO smart lighting once the sensors are broken by approaching them.

Sensors can be set up near the front door or in the back garden if, for example, you need to access a shed or outbuilding while it’s dark.

The benefits of wireless smart lighting

Being able to control your lighting remotely and using RAKO cloud services means that you can:

  • Switch off lights you might have left on by mistake
  • Put lighting on remotely while you are away to deter intruders
  • Light up areas of your home ready for when you return
  • Change pre-sets such as timing while you are away
  • … and much more

Rako lighting system design

For more information of how to plan a Rako lighting system, see our top tips for planning a Rako lighting system. If you would like to find out more about RAKO smart lighting and the benefits of connecting wirelessly then get in touch. We would be happy to discuss a suggested set up for each room or area of your home and provide a free quote for the installation and maintenance of Rako smart solutions.


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