As you may know, 365 Trade Group are smart home technology installers in Surbiton, Surrey.

When it comes to modernising your home with the latest technology and automation, there is no better way to do it properly than getting professional help from a CEDIA accredited business. Sure, there are various things you can do yourself, but a CEDIA member (such as 365 Trade Group) can provide skills and expertise to make sure that your home is set up the way you would like it for the best living standards that you deserve.

What is a CEDIA member?

If you aren’t familiar with CEDIA, it’s a global trade association that focuses on smart home technology and consists of members who can help connect homes to the highest standards. 365 Trade Group is a CEDIA member and a certified CEDIA integrator - and we are proud to promote our affiliation to the CEDIA organisation. Here's some more information on what CEDIA means and how using 365 Trade Group as a CEDIA approved member for your next smart home installation can benefit you.

The CEDIA difference

CEDIA members are passionate about the latest home technology and have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that a home is fitted with the right technology to suit your needs. CEDIA members offer the highest level of customer service when it comes to smart home technology.

The latest and greatest

Technology moves fast and staying up to date can be tough. We don’t want customers to install technology that is out of date almost before it’s installed (or very soon after!). Fortunately, CEDIA members are committed to continued education and learning the latest processes and technologies so that they can advise customers accordingly. If a product or solution isn’t right for you, or there is a better solution, we will let you know and provide you with the best advice possible.

Getting the most out of technology

Imagine setting up your smart home so that you can control your lights and heating, but then realise that it doesn’t work as smoothly as you expected. This could be for a number of reasons such as poor WiFi in parts of the home, or the way that ‘groups’ are set up on your device. Working with a CEDIA member means you have access to expertise that can advise you on how to avoid these issues. This means your home set up is more likely to work the way you want it to, and without the risk of wasting money on home automation that doesn’t perform as expected.

What can a certified integrator help you with?

As a CEDIA certified integrator, we can help you with a range of installations for your home. Whether it’s being able to control your lighting, music or heating system, we can help and as a RAKO Lighting approved integrator we also provide complete lighting solutions so that you can easily control and automate your home lighting system as well as set the right ambience in your lounge, kitchen and bedroom to suit your mood!

As a certified electrical company, we also look at the complete system in your home to make sure that your fusebox and wiring is also set up to cope with the demands of today’s latest technology, whether that’s Google devices, smart TVs or charging mobile devices through USB ports.

If you would like to find out more about using a CEDIA member and how 365 Trade Group can help, get in touch. We would love to provide advice and top tips to get you started. 

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