Electrical emergencies can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening.

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What’s considered an electrical emergency?

There are various types of electrical issues which can be considered an electrical emergency. Here are the main categories of electrical emergencies:

Electrical shocks and dangerous situations

The most urgent electrical emergency is one where someone has received an electrical shock, or there is a very high chance of getting an electric shock. Emergencies where people or animals are involved are more likely when live wires are exposed and can be easily touched by someone or something.

In these circumstances, if someone is injured, call emergency medical services, and make sure they are ok and being looked after. Isolate the power as quickly as possible to prevent any further risk of getting a shock.

To fix the issue and if necessary, for help turning off the power, call an emergency electrician straight away. It’s important to contact an electrician that can be with you as quickly as possible.

Electrician callouts

At Emergency Electricians in Surbiton, we guarantee a call out within 2-hours of receiving your call.

Power outages, or power cuts

A power cut can cause considerable issues as well as being an inconvenience. The longer the power cut, the more problems also arise. For example, if the power cut is in the home and you have a freezer full of food, do not open the freezer door more than necessary – this is to keep the temperature as cold as possible for as long as possible without outside influences of temperature degradation.

If you are experiencing an issue with no electricity in your property, then check to see if there is a local power outage with your local electricity board. It might be that the outage is due to issues with your home or commercial electrical system. If you live in a built up area, look out of the window to see if others might be affected.

An old fusebox or overloading the system with too many electrical appliances switched on at the same time might be the cause. If there is no reported outage with your local utility company then contact an electrician immediately.

Electrical fires

Electrical fires are rare but highly dangerous and must be dealt with immediately. If you are experiencing electrical fires, turn off the power and contact an emergency electrician straight away.

Electrical fires are usually caused by overloading the electrical system or from faulty or exposed wiring. Do not touch the area and make sure to remove any flammable items away from where there is a risk of an electrical fire.

Power cuts and power issues at night

Having a power cut or trip switch cutting off the power when it’s dark outside can be a major issue, especially during the colder, darker winter months.

Many properties without gas rely on electricity for heating the property and a cold, dark property with no visibility is a recipe to avoid. Make sure that your family is warm and safe and call an electrician that can help.

If the issue is due to a system overload, then the issue can temporarily be solved over the phone by following the advice of your local electrician. He or she will guide you through the process of turning off some appliances and switching off non-vital zones in the fusebox to reduce the overload. This is only a temporary solution and the general issue still needs to be solved quickly.

At Emergency Electricians, our 2-hour call out guarantee applies whatever time of the day it is. Whether it’s 11pm or 3am in the morning - if you are experiencing an electrical emergency, get in touch straight away. Call us on 0800 788 0629

Need an emergency electrician?

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