There are various circumstances and reasons to call an emergency electrician. Below are some examples.

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A tripping switch

Trip switch keeps going off - If your electricity keeps going off because your trip switch is cutting off the power then it’s time to isolate the problem and get the tripping switch sorted. You can try to work out what the problem is yourself by turning devices and appliances off but a safer, better way is to contact an emergency electrician.

Even if you believe you have found out what could be the problem with a trip switch, you will most likely still need an electrician to fix the issue.

Sparks or flames

Electrical appliances sparking - If you experience any appliance making a crackling sound or giving off sparks, then it could be highly dangerous. Make sure that everyone in the house is safe and keep the appliance or socket away from potential contact while you call an emergency electrician.

In extreme circumstances, a device might set on fire. Safety for everyone and avoiding a fire from spreading are top priorities and should be swiftly followed by the action of getting in touch with someone who can fix any electrical issues before further problems are caused.

Electric shocks from faulty electric circuits?

Faulty electrical circuitry - Similar to sparks, if you or someone in your household has received an electric shock when coming into contact with an appliance or socket then something is clearly wrong. Your electric circuit might be faulty and needs to be tested immediately to see if there are any issues.

Water ingress

If an electrical socket or connected appliance has come into contact with water, then it can be highly dangerous to touch. The power should be isolated before removing any appliance and the socket should be tested and dried out before the power is switched back on.

No power or electricity

Rather than just a trip switch turning off the power, you might be experiencing no electricity at all. The first step is to check that it is not a trip switch issue. Assuming it isn’t then there are two potential issues:

Power Cuts

Firstly, it might be that there is no electricity in the area. Contacting your local electricity company to find out, and to report the issue should be the next step.

If there are no reported or known power cuts or power failure issues in the area then there could be an issue within your property. Contacting an emergency electrician that can be with you within hours is the best solution.

Electrical emergency at night or in winter

Regardless of how big or small or dangerous the issue is, if you have electrical issues during the night time then it can be scary and frustrating. At Emergency Electricians in Surbiton, Surrey, we provide a guaranteed 2-hour call out, no matter what time of the day or what day of the week it is.

This guarantee also applies to the time of the year and being stranded with no electricity in the middle of a cold winter night can be an uncomfortable experience. Cold, dark nights are one of the worst scenarios and at Emergency Electricians, we understand how horrible it can be and we want to help you as best as we can.

If you are experiencing any of the above electrical problems then get in touch with us immediately by calling 0800 788 0629.