The festive season is a joyous occasion for many people with Christmas decorations, gifts and time to relax and be with the family.

Of course, there are always challenges, whether it’s the slightly burnt turkey or the fact that nan has bought you socks again for the fourth year in a row (maybe that’s just us), but these annoyances pale into insignificance compared to some of the dangers and accidents that could occur if you don’t take the right precautions with the electricity in your home this December.

Here are some quick festive tips to consider so that your Christmas is remembered for the right reasons:

Outdoor Christmas lights

Christmas lights and ornaments can really add to the festive feel, but make sure to keep electrical wiring and plugs dry and away from the winter elements. If possible, the wiring should run into your home and into a plug socket that’s inside.

If this isn’t possible, then consider a weatherproof extension lead such as this one at Amazon Masterplug HLP2013/2IP Two Socket Outdoor Weatherproof Case Reel, 20 Metres, Orange and Green. These extension leads help protect plugs from rain, but they should still be used with caution. During the winter, it isn’t just rain that can cause issues. Frost and general dampness are other ways that water ingress into electrical equipment can occur.

Check Christmas light wires

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, dangers lurk and another potential threat is broken wiring. You might have Christmas tree lights and other festive decorations that have been stored in the attic or loft for almost a year, but what condition are they in? 

Wires can become damaged while packing away or putting up decorations, and being in storage throughout the year can also have an impact. Make sure to check any wires, including the plugs to ensure that there aren’t any tears or loose parts. If there are any concerns at all, then don’t use them.

Spread out your power consumption

Modern homes are built to cope with our everyday electrical requirements, but we do tend to get carried away with how much electricity we use over the festive period.

You know the scenario - while you are cooking the Turkey in the electric oven, the kids are on their new games console, the festive lights are on and other family members are rapid charging their new mobile phones and other devices while watching the Queen’s speech (or Eastenders?). This all sounds great, but it shows how much pressure is being placed on the electric system.

Some simple actions can help to reduce the overload on your system such as turning off lights that aren’t necessary and making sure not to leave devices on in rooms when you leave. If you have any devices including electric cars, toothbrushes or laptops on charge that don’t need to be, then delay it until later.

Need emergency electrical help?

If you are concerned or have any questions about your electric system this December, we can help. Get in touch right away - any time of day by calling 0800 788 0629. Whatever you had planned, we truly hope you have a wonderful and safe festive break!

p.s. How NOT to decorate your house with Christmas lights!

If you are looking to understand how to NOT manage your festive lighting this Christmas then here’s a fun clip to watch from the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - enjoy!