The top 6 faulty electrical items that can cause damage to your home

Worried about faulty equipment or electronics in your home? While in many cases, there’s probably nothing to worry about, it’s best to take necessary precautions.

Here are the top 6 faulty electrical items that can cause damage to your home (along with some tips for avoiding damage).

Faulty extension cords

Extension cords are great for using devices when there’s a shortage of electrical sockets, or they are too far away from your device. The issue, however, is that they carry a risk of becoming damaged or having too many electrical devices plugged into them.

Let’s explore these separately…

Extension cords are often hidden away behind furniture or down the back places such as TV cabinets. When devices are plugged or unplugged from the extension cord then the extension cord tends to be pulled and pushed quite a bit.

This can lead to fraying the cord, exposing the wires or potentially pulling the wiring out, resulting in loose connections. You might be given advance notice that something is wrong with a faint crackling sound when you move an extension cord, and a safer option is to check your extension cords regularly for any damage.

If there is any doubt or concern, replace the extension cord.

Faulty Toasters

If it's not working properly, a toaster can cause a fire, including in other parts of the house. If you have any concerns with your toaster, unplug it immediately and contact an emergency call out electrician who can help you. If the plug is unsafe or has been exposed to water, then it’s best to switch off the power in the fusebox rather than touch the plug.

Faulty Microwaves

Similar to toasters, faulty microwaves can be a danger to your home and anyone in it. A damaged microwave could cause an electric shock or start a fire.

Faulty microwaves should be replaced and, if an incident has occurred, then it’s advised to have the electricity in your home checked by a 24 hr electrician.

Faulty Televisions

Although televisions consume less power than toasters and microwaves, they tend to be used a lot more, and for extended periods. Modern TVs typically stay cooler when they are used for long periods, but older versions tend to gather dust and are more prone to overheating.

If you are looking for a reason to buy a new, more modern TV then now you have it!  You should also pay attention to the number of devices that you plug into the TV or have nearby.

TV areas tend to have a collection of other devices such as games consoles, speaker systems, TV boxes and Amazon or Google home assistants. This increases the pressures on the sockets in that area, leading to a greater risk of burnout.

An emergency call out electrician can check the local area to ensure that everything is set up safely and can advise on ways to reduce the pressure on local electrical sockets.

Dangerous electric plug sockets

Electrical sockets need to be inspected regularly, and they should never be used if they show signs of wear and tear or overheating. If you notice any damage, you should contact a 24 hour electrician and have the sockets replaced.

Intermittent light coming from light bulbs 

Light bulbs that don't work properly can give off an electric shock or start fires if they're not fixed quickly enough. It’s recommended to replace light bulbs regularly, especially older ones that you have been using for a while. It’s also advisable to replace them if they have been dropped or broken.

Need help with potentially faulty electrical items?

Above are only a few examples of items that could cause damage to your home. Other devices that might be a risk include electric cookers, heaters and kettles.

If you have any concerns with faulty electrical items in your house or a faulty fuse box, make sure to give us a call on 0800 788 0629. We are an emergency call out electrician in Surbiton offering immediate support for any electrical issues that you might be experiencing.