At 365 Trade Group, we offer various electrical options for our customers but when it comes to lighting, we believe that LED lighting and LED strips are possibly the best choice for your home.

Here are the benefits of using LED lighting:

LED lighting has high efficiency and here’s why

LED lighting allows you to light up larger areas of your home or business at much lower running costs than other forms of lighting (whether that’s fluorescent lighting, CFL or any other form of lighting). If you want to keep running costs down, then LED strips are the perfect solution. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights.

A large percentage - over 95% in fact - of the energy in LED lights are converted into light therefore a tiny percentage – under 5% - is wasted as heat. So you can reduce your energy costs and at the same time help the environment (and our planet) by swapping your older style traditional light bulbs with these more energy efficient lighting solutions.

We can visit your premises and suggest ways to reduce your energy bills, increase your choice of lighting options, colours and direction so give 365 Trade Group LED lighting specialists a call today on 0800 788 0629

LEDs have a longer live span than fluorescent lighting, CFL or any other form of lighting

As well as keeping costs down on a daily basis, LED lights also have a long life span so you can keep replacement costs down as well! The average LED lasts 50,000-100,000 operating hours (or more!). That’s 2-4 times as long as most fluorescent and other lighting solutions and more than 40 times as long as the average incandescent bulb.

Since LED lighting lasts so long, their rate of failure is also very low, keeping costs down further.

Better colour and flexibility

LEDs are very flexible. They have a high CRI or colour rendering index which means that lighting is much clearer and surrounding objects are easier to see than with traditional lighting.

LED lighting is also smaller and as a result, LED lights are offered in various forms, shapes and sizes from spotlights to LED strips.

LED lighting strips cover much larger areas and reduce possible ‘blackspots’ where other lighting can’t reach. For instance, they look stunning under kitchen cabinets, worktops or up stair cases. They can be attached to the inside of wardrobes so that when you open the doors, or put on the room light, they come on so you can see clearly inside your wardrobe! Very handy on dark mornings and in evenings!

LED lights also have dimming capabilities so that you can set the atmosphere the way you want it! 

Use them in your Smart Home and get Alexa or Google (or your chosen smart home entity) to switch on your LED lighting whenever you ask them to. Or control them from your mobile or tablet. Easy lighting - that's the way to go. Here's more information on changing your home to be a smart home

Lighting that gives instant light

Ever used an 'energy-efficient' bulb and found it frustrating that you have to see in a poor light while the bulb warms up? Sometimes never actually giving enough light? We’ve come across that issue a few times but with LED strips you don’t have that issue.

LEDs turn on and off instantaneously. There’s no warm-up period and frequently turning the lights on and off doesn’t cause degradation or loss of lifespan like other lighting options. What could be better?

Heading in the right direction

Not many people realise this, but standard bulbs provide 360 degrees of light - which is great if you want to light up the ceiling! For most homes, we don’t - and that’s a great benefit of LED lighting which has a lighting span of 180 degrees. This means that lighting is directed to where you want it and is much more efficient. This degree of lighting also gives a better ambience to a room.

Safe, safe and safe!

Because LEDs run on low power, they don’t get hot - and they can also run on a lower voltage. This makes LEDs much safer to operate and own.

So now you know that LEDs provide low power lighting so you can be assured they are also safer for our environment in many ways. They don’t contain mercury; they don’t require any special handling and because they have such a long life span you can reduce your carbon footprint by not having to dispose of light bulbs. Their lower daily usage costs also help reduce energy usage, making them even safer for the environment!

Effective in different temperatures

LED strips also provide great light (and instantly) regardless of how hot or cold a room is thanks to their wide operating temperature range. Unlike some solutions, LED lighting does not degrade in hot or cold temperatures allowing you to get maximum lighting with just the flick of a switch!

Modernise your home with LED lighting solutions from down lighters to LED strips

If you would like to add a fresh look to your home and reduce your daily electricity costs, then LED lighting is a great option. We would be happy to take a look at your home or office premises and recommend how you can use modern LED lighting to enhance your living space. To find out more, get in touch with our LED lighting specialists and call us on 0800 788 0629.