Emergency call outs and why electrical safety is important

Over the years, legislation and modern technologies have helped to make our homes much safer when it comes to electrics, but there are still many risks and dangers that can result in fatal outcomes.

According to the Electrical Safety Council (now known as Electrical Safety First), the UK has one of the safest electricity supplies in the world but despite this, as many as 20,000 fires and a thousand fatalities are caused in homes in England due to electrical issues every year!*

When it comes to electrical safety, It’s important to make sure that nothing is left to chance - and this is where an emergency electrician call out can be a life-saving measure.

If you are experiencing any electrical issues or have any concerns, get in touch immediately and we will work with you to minimise any dangers.

Here are some facts that highlight how dangerous it can be if you don’t take the right measures, and what you can do about any concerns you might have:

Make sure you have an up-to-date fusebox

Older fusebox systems have a higher risk of issues. Some don’t provide cut-out protection for every fuse, while modern fuseboxes protect your home by having a metal outer casing.

Your fusebox might also need an upgrade to cope better with modern demands such as always-on WiFi and phone charging.

If you have a power shower or charging installation for an electric car, for example, then a more modern fusebox may also be required.

Upgrading your fusebox could substantially reduce the risks of electrical issues in your home.

Replace faulty leads and appliances

Over 3,000 fires are caused every year by faulty appliances or faulty leads on appliances. If you have an old appliance such as a kettle, microwave or toaster and the lead looks damaged then replace it immediately. The cost of a new kettle is very little compared to the cost of damage from a fire (which will include needing a new kettle anyway!).

Tumble dryers are also one of the appliances most likely to cause a fire so pay particular attention to these appliances! If there are any issues with your tumble dryer, or you smell burning then stop the dryer immediately and investigate the issue.

Pay attention to fireplaces

Despite looking fantastic in a home and providing warmth in the winter, fireplaces have plenty of dangers linked to them. If you have an electric fire in your home, make sure that it’s functioning properly and that the area is clear of items that could catch fire.

Dangerous results

We’ve talked about fires being caused as a result of electrical issues, but there are many risks associated with electrical faults ranging from a minor electric shock to burns, muscle spasms and even potentially death.

Simple rules such as not touching bare wires, keeping devices and sockets dry at all times and turning off power if there is any concern at all - can all help to minimise risks.

If you or someone you know comes into contact with faulty electrics, make sure you get the right level of medical support first. Then quickly ensure that the cause is isolated to avoid further danger to you or anyone else and get in touch with an Emergency Electrician to sort the issue out.

Leaving an issue unresolved will most likely lead to further injuries later on.

If you are experiencing any of the above electrical problems then get in touch with us immediately by calling 0800 788 0629.