Electricity is a fundamental part of our everyday life, but we possibly don’t realise how important it is until something goes wrong and, with the winter months approaching, the consequences of having no power are much greater.

Picture the scene - it’s a cold and dark winter night. Everyone is at home and it’s a typical weekday night when, all of a sudden, it goes dark.

Fumbling for the light switch, you realise that the lights are not coming back on. The kids are screaming and you can’t find a torch. It’s getting late and tomorrow is a school day so the kids need to get a good night sleep. What now?

This scenario, while sounding scary, could well happen if your electrical system isn’t up to standard.

Homes are becoming increasingly under pressure with more devices being plugged in at the same time, whether it’s adults and kids putting their phone on to charge at the end of the day, the large widescreen TV showing the latest Netflix series of your favourite programme or kitchen appliances consuming huge amounts of power.

If you are facing a power cut, contact an emergency electrician immediately.

How to avoid being left in the dark

We all love upgrading to the latest gadgets and home technology, but we don’t think to upgrade our electrical systems to manage modern demands.

If you have an old fusebox or damaged wiring then this can cause potential power cuts. A trip switch in your fusebox, for example, is designed to protect you by cutting power when it identifies a surge of power and, while this can be annoying, it can potentially save your life.

If you are experiencing power cuts then it might be time for a review of your electrics. A qualified electrician can look at your setup and identify any potential issues. They are able to check if your fusebox is up to date and if it needs an upgrade.

It could also be that you have a faulty appliance such as a kettle with a broken lead or that wiring has become loose. The wiring in electrical sockets can become loose over time, especially if you or a previous owner of the property has attempted any electrical DIY.

Need electrical work doing? We check your system at the same time

If you are looking for some general electrical work on your property then make sure that the electrician you use is correctly certified and will perform a check of your system.

We always check our customer’s electrical system fully when any work is carried out to ensure that everything is safe and working correctly.

Need a torch? We can shed light on your electrical issues

In the unfortunate event that you are left in the dark this winter, make sure to have our contact details on your phone (and as a speed dial number!). We guarantee to come and help you solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Most fully charged phones have a torch feature and can act as a torch in the short term. This should be enough to make sure the family is safe and calmer while you give us a call.

Like a quality torch, our quality electrical support will help shed some light on the issue so that your family can enjoy the rest of the winter months, confident your electrical circuitry is safe and up to the highest standard! Get in touch to find out more.

If you are experiencing any of the above electrical problems then get in touch with us immediately by calling 0800 788 0629.